Is there sth like Shpock or Ebay for selling old stuff, but more privacy friendly?

@mracreep How do you definde "more privacy friendly" in that case?
I mean even if you find something i maybe suffers from a too small userbase.

@bjoerns not selling data to 3rd parties would be already some improvement.

Only collecting data which is needed for the service itself would be optimal.

@mracreep Being honest i think the best alternative would be to use specialized Forums for selling stuff. That way you dont have to deal with ebay etc. While researching i stumbled upon Open Bazaar but i dont think thats what you mean.

But the problem stays the same, you will never reach as many people as with ebay or Sphock etc.

@bjoerns @mracreep I don' t agree regarding the specialized forum part. We need a decentralized (federated?) eBay Kleinanzeigen run by privacy nerds who already run Mastodon, Peertube, etc. Over time, chances are, that the user base will grow. But first we would need someone who develops the software.

@marco @bjoerns yes that would be perfect, maybe theres already something in development.

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