Contributing design to projects as a not established contributor is an invidious task. Most free software projects don't even have the capacity or expertise to evaluate any contribution other than a collective gut feeling. If you run a free software project, try to have a design team. Otherwise you'll miss contributions.

@mray Most projects are "launched" by developers who might not know how to take the next step, or might be unsure when to start that step or who to reach out to since it's outside of their domain. Do you have recommendations for your audience?

@cwebber acknowledge the limits of your domain. Assimilate expertise and add it your project. Assign a design team to people that are from that domain. Don't let your own taste be your design team.

@mray are you trying to tell me I shouldn't have just thrown up a screenshot of my emacs window as the logo? ;)

@cwebber not necessarily! A designer might suggest that limiting the amount of used font sizes to 1 might be a challenge, but ultimately bring you closer to your desired look, though ;)

@mray Main problem: Building a design team as free software project.

I'm not completely sure why, but somehow having even one designer around is quite hard for most smaller free software projects. Not to talk about this designer's qualities in the long run.

So if you have recommendations how to get more designers in general, I would love to hear them

@sheogorath @mray One suggestion I have: go to where designers are (not free-software communities) and talk to them about software freedom. We need to recruit more non-programmers to the movement, not try to just look internally.

@sheogorath don't assume big projects have a design team. They often don't! If you are small you need to think about how to *keep* contributors, including designers. If you want them to become part of the team, do assign responsibilities and acknowledge their role. Don't offer your personal taste as an infinite source of great feedback. If you are unsure about quality – get in touch with

There is no magic trick to attract designers. It's easy to scare them away though.

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