FreedomBox 19.19 has a new app for basic Git web hosting using gitweb.

I am shifting all of my personal projects that were still on Microsoft GitHub and to my FreedomBox.

#GitHub #GitLab #FreedomBox #Gitweb

@njoseph wouldn't you say this app scratches developers itches exclusively? To me it looks like a "newbie" tool got another "pro" feature.


Version control systems are not exclusively meant for software development. Many authors and bloggers use VCS tools to keep their manuscripts/drafts versioned.

My blog and its theme, dotfiles etc. are in git repositories.

Benefits to self-hosting git remotes:
1. Your private repositories are not stored on other people's computers.
2. Changes in international trade laws doesn't suddenly lock you out from your own repositories (e.g. GitHub and Iran).


@njoseph I think you live in a developer bubble. You may be a developer who blogs. Git is not for bloggers or authors. It is a complex code development tool. It is what most FreedomBox users never ever want to use. Yes, developers may love to easily host it for several good reasons! - Don't you see how this bias has a negative effect on a general perception of the project and its goals?

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