Dear – I laughed hard: in no way did this three step video work for me on Ubuntu. Are you serious?

:troll: 🤔

(wget worked, the rest - not.)

OK. I tried to reproduce again.

wget works.

sudo gpg --keyserver --recv-keys

does *nothing* at all.

the last command actually worked this time, i must have forgotten to add sudo

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Also, I'd like to encourage you to send a bug report to If it's your first time, you might need a human to moderate you, so it will take some time. Further messages will go through without a need for approval.

@mray Could you share Ubuntu version so we could check what’s wrong?

@mray If you show me you're installation process I might be able to help you

@mray don't forget the fingerprint (the long, random looking text after --recv-keys) that is shown in the video

@sid I'm supposed to type that, too 😲 - the video makes it look like that is the output from running the command above


@mray the part that starts with 3CE4 and ends with EBB5. Just next to recv-keys. Like here (the dots are placeholders. I don't want to type the whole command. You get the point ;) ) :

....--recv-keys 3CE4......EBB5

@sid me neither! – after my third unsuccessful try I'm still not getting it right… is this O an 0 or that 0 an O – maybe I'm confusing l an I ?

why not provide text to copy commands from?

@mray the possible characters for the fingerprint are 0 - 9 and A-F, thus it should be a 0. (the fingerprint is hexadecimal)

@sid i searched online for it. only worked with using sudo again.

Wow that was almost easy! :) But thanks for your help.

@mray also you normally don't need sudo for that afaik

@mray just one sidenote: try not to use sks keyserver pool whenever possible as there are keys in it which have poisened which means they have thousands of "trust entries" (forgot the correct term) which means gpg can hang with 100% load.

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