Blender, OBS, GIMP and Inkscape… are all established – why not ENVE? Does nobody ever need a free alternative to AfterEffects?! 😍

This young application is an absolute GEM, yet the only developer can't support working on it right now. 🤬

I'd wish for a magic wand to create a sustainable community around this right now.

And funding. 😑


@mray You gave the answer yourself. It's comparably new. I've never heard of it. It's probably in no distributions repo. It's also a relative niche compared to the other mentioned programs.

@murks @mray this. Hadn’t seen this before. Pretty interesting though

@zens @mray

I'm not sure if you've seen the tutorials by this guy but he's got super powers!

TBH it was the only way I was able to figure out my way around the program. It's powerful and really the best replacement for AE that I've seen, but it has little to no documentation and some of the design decisions are very unusual.

@lps @zens @mray It did look sparsely documented indeed. Also there are very few contributors and looking at the build instructions no build system either, which surely doesn't help.

I think it could/can benefit from having some short videos explaining basic functionality which in turn gets people actually using it.

I'd also like to point out the successful model that blender adopted a long time ago, teaming up with artists/users to find the blindspots.

If he/she were to work with Alexandre, the video creator, for this purpose I'm sure they'd create a buzz in no time:)

@zens @mray

As for funding @ericbuijs just posted an impressive list of projects being funded by nlnet

Perhaps this is an option. It certain is a much needed piece of the libre graphics software ecosystem.

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