Found one again! "Open Source" – and then a Microsoft logo on top of it, next to a Discord link. 👏 :troll:

This time on

Do they realize? Do they even care?…

That is why we need Free Software – and a proper logo for it, too:

@SuperDicq No. It is is just the GNU logo, not a Free Software logo. Those are different things.

@mray Technically there isn’t an “open source” logo either. It is the logo of the Open Source Initiative.

The case you’ve presented here is even worse, it does not even use “the open source” logo, but it uses the Github logo instead.

I think having a free software badge or logo that you can slap on a project is a good idea. I’m well versed with Inkscape and Blender, do you have any ideas?

@SuperDicq @mray I made a combo logo many years ago.

But yes, a free software logo would be great. #inkscape

@doctormo @mray I don’t like a combination. I don’t want to use neutral terms such as “FLOSS”, my opinion is not neutral and I only say “free software”.

@SuperDicq @mray It's not a serious proposal, it's an example of experimentation. I'd go for a completely new logo too now.

@doctormo @SuperDicq looks grea. Free Software is just kind of its own thing and not derived / combined by other things, so I think having a dedicated logo is still necessary.

@mray @SuperDicq What logo would you make for the "Libre Software" as some are calling it?

@doctormo @mray I had a similar problem coming up with a logo for my free software company. I ended up with a simple smiley face because free software makes me smile. Also it is based on my avatar that I’ve used for years.

I can’t think of a simple easily recognizable icon that represents free software other than the GNU logo, but I’d love to make one if anyone has an idea.

@doctormo @SuperDicq That depends on what your definition of "Libre Software" is.

@SuperDicq the idea is to slap this one onto things. ;)

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