Let's keep the #GNOME40 celebration going with a brand new release video!


@gnome would be great if GNOME had its own peertube channel – just saying ;)

@adnan360 @mray @gnome

It would be better to do the opposite. Have a PeerTube channel mirrored to YouTube, with the YouTube descriptions having a link back you the original PeerTube video to encourage people to use the Fediverse more.

@danjones000 @gnome @mray It seems possible. But surprised to see nobody has done it. Let me know if you find any script to do it.

Another reason would be that nobody would actually have to load YT UI with nonfree JS and deal with their UI changes every now and then.


Yes, please consider it. Even if it just a mirror of the youtube channel.

Besides the youtube 👎 part. It would make that fediverse users can better follow your video channel.


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