Hey, fediverse

If you had to decide between A and B – what would YOU chose?

(Tenacity is the Audacity fork)
…unfortunately proper polls don't allow images 🤷‍♂️

@mray A, but red icon less heavy and text more vertically aligned with the icon.

@khaosgrille Mastodon seems to not allow for pictures in polls. 😐


Question besides...

What's the Main difference netween Tenacity and Audacity? Is there a good overview somewhere?

(Never heard of it so far)

@Herbstfreud @mray I think it's a fork because audacity introduced tracking of the users and the fork maybe just removed that tracking. But that is just a guess. I don't know the actual differences.

B looks more like audio. A looks like medical heart rate tool


I like A but it does look a bit 'medical'.
As a designer I can never make myself use purple and so I can't get behind B.
I think A but with a different colour for the sound waves would be the way to go.
In my opinion. 👍🏼

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