@mray wow, that's quite a collection of services speaking the same language. I'd call that a major victory:)

@JoergSorge @mray

It not clear in all directories what exact license applies @lightone like in 'all-logos-in-one-basket' and 'papertoys' folder.

But in other folders licenses are explicitly mentioned in various sub-folders and sometimes differ per individual file, like in 'sticker-bay' section of the repo.

@humanetech @lightone nice repo - I just searched quickly for logos and forget to slap a cc license – I'll update with proper svg versions

@mray Hi, may I wonder what is Scout <something> on your image? I don't think I know about this ActivityPub project :) @humanetech

@lightone @humanetech I only did superficial research and just went with an online listing, but also removed exactly this one in the updated version. 😜


Actually, I'm so happy that there is such a wide adoption that I start to loose oversight of who supports ActivityPub. 😀

@mray is this some "Actually it's gnu slash linux" stuff?

@mray Where can I find documentation about ActivityPub?


ActivityPub + webfinger + ostatus + acct URI

Plus maybe some other stuff I'm not aware of yet.

@al1r4d @mray Quite a while, iirc before they renamed to "Nextcloud Hub". So Nextcloud 16 or 17?
They had quite a bit of marketing about their social plugin/feature back then. But it doesn't seem like it became very popular, and I never got it to work.

@al1r4d @mray

Nextcloud implements ActivityPub to inform users about changes to their files, new calendar and so on between users on different Nextcloud servers since Nextcloud 12


@mray i didn't know i could federate nextcloud.
i thought drupal was a programming language. looking at their website, struggling to understand what it even is XD

What about services like Diaspora that don't speak ActivityPub but are also part of Fediverse?

@neonknightoa @crossgolf_rebel _historically_ there were two distinct spheres coined - "The Fediverse" using OStatus and "The Federation" using the Diaspora* protocol. OStatus now replaced by ActivityPub.

Some tried a unification of the spheres, by technical and verbal means. But these days AP is somewhat the synonym with "The Fediverse" and Diaspora* had decided not to use the protocol.

IOW _it's complicated_

@tobias @crossgolf_rebel Ugh, complicated, indeed. So they're basically two separated federated universes, then.

@neonknightoa basically yes. There are some projects (e.g. Friendica, Hubzilla or SocialHome) that have implemented both protocols AP and Diaspora* but there are always frictions at the protocol borders.

@crossgolf_rebel I don't consider them any more "Fediverse" than email. Open, decentralized standards are awesome, but if you can't dip your toes in ActivityPub waters, you are basically on your own. Hence not in the Fediverse.

@mray@social.tchncs.de @crossgolf_rebel@chaos.social The term fediverse does not depend on one protocol. Fediverse software (Mastodon, Pleroma and GNU Social) used to communicate in OStatus before ActivityPub even existed. Thus the fediverse predates ActivityPub.

@foxhkron @crossgolf_rebel Maybe you are right! There is no official definition of the term. If there will ever be a protocol that rises above ActivityPub, the meaning of "Fediverse" will probably switch towards that.

@mray Boah, das sieht hoch dynamisch aus - aber wollen wir jetzt wirklich das #Fediverse allein auf ActivityPub einschränken?

@Hiker Ja. Sonst ist email auch "Fediverse". Das meint aber keiner ernsthaft.

@mray I really like the constellation of projects here.

But I can't help thinking about ppl wanting to get off birdsite – most of them do not and will not care about what the protocol & server software are called. I'd ask the community to keep that in mind bc its a UX issue.

Also pointing out: Email was successful & federated, but that is 2 syllables vs ActivityPub's 5.

Gefällt mir sehr gut.
Darf ich das auch in anderen Netzwerken teilen, um das Fediverse zu bewerben?

@mray @humanetech This is a nice one, but I have to wonder whay GNUSocial is not included...

@mray It's quite sad not seeing #Diaspora* there. Or there's a bit of federated story that I'm missing.

@mray wait nextcloud? Didn’t know that had anything to do with the fediverse…

@mray that's a good Statement you made, definitely worth sharing. 👍😀

@mray anyone know of any activitypub services that are paid businesses? Just curious what that looks like

@wilrnh The only thing that comes to mind are offers to deploy server instances for you personally (for mastodon or other known ones). 🤷‍♂️

@mray Diaspora doesn't speak AP, yet it's part of the Fediverse.

@tk The 2010's - what a wild time, right? 😉

@tk @mray I don't think I've ever heard of 2/3rds of these

@Mek101 @tk Isn't that awesome? 😍 I bet there was a time when people knew all websites and slowly noticed things are getting out of hand…

@tk Depending on the definition of "Fediverse" you could be right. But nobody really considers email to be "Fediverse" - personally I discard it for the same reason.

@mray Pretty sure nobody considers Diaspora to be outside of the Fediverse.
@mray The #Fediverse is neither software nor protocols; it's the people using them.

@tk@bbs.kawa-kun.com @mray@social.tchncs.de does that mean we're a copy of facebook/twitter/instagram/youtube federating descriptions of content

@mray Hmmmm... should I try and open a blog...?

@mray This is a nice depiction of the current state :)

Strictly speaking, it is several social networks communicating in a federated way, ActivityPub being the protocol that unified communications between several projects, but the Fediverse existed before it, protocols were heterogenous and bridges existed between some parts of these federated universes. Some of them are still there and apart of ActivityPub. To me, they form the Fediverse too. More like a multiverse linked by special gates :)

@meeper This is ALSO true! 🙃 Because the "fediverse" can be seen as "federated federation". Each of those networks consist of many instances (where my graphic only shows one logo). The great thing is that EACH of those can still speak to EVERY other in the ActivityPub universe.

@meeper @mray That's a simplification of mammoth proportions.


I didn't actually realize that WordPress used ActivityPub

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