Been thinking about migrating from Fastmail when my pre-paid period is over.

I get 25GB of storage with my mailbox currently, and the potential new provider only provides 5GB.

This was a concern for me, until I looked at the amount of storage space I was using for my mailbox - 853MB. I think 5GB will be fine! 😄


@kev Thought you were pretty satisfied with Fastmail? What's your new provider?

@mschuster @brandon I'm very happy with Fastmail. Only reason I'm thinking about moving, is because Fastmail is quite expensive, and I'm getting married in a few weeks, so will be adding my wife to the domain.

We're also in the process of adopting 2 kids; at some point will be adding them too. So it's gonna get expensive.

I'm thinking about moving to Zoho - we use them for Fosstodon, they're very good and way cheaper.

@kev @mschuster @brandon the news got lost in the noise but congratulations on getting married.

@kev @mschuster @brandon oh hey another adoption person haha. Awesome! Congrats! I'm also looking into Zoho.

@kev @mschuster I'm surprised that it's costing you so much but wow congratulations for these big changes!

Are you excited for them?

As well, have you decided on where to move to?

@brandon it’s not a significant amount, but $20/m for 4 accounts is more then I’m willing to spend on email.

Yeah, I’m really excited, but nervous too.



It IS a big undertaking, I wish I had some advice but the only thing I can think of is to be patient


@brandon not made an absolute decision on where to move to yet.likely Zoho though.


@kev Well I hope that goes well for you! Better to switch sooner than later of course, makes less work given the context


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