Can anyone suggest something for server-side analytics?I don't want to use Matomo because I'm trying to keep my site clear of JS and I also want to know how much traffic each service (even backend like ejabberd) gets. I'm thinking some kind of log viewer that aggregates everything and analyses it with pretty graphs and such but that would also mean collecting some kind of identifier about the user to ensure they're not counted twice. On websites, that's typically cookies (which I don't want), and, for servers, that's typically IP addresses (which I also don't want). Is there maybe something that sanitizes logs and removes portions of IP addresses up to the country level?

The purpose of this is so I can know what people use and what people don't. If no one uses a service, there's no reason for me to host it and I can run something potentially more useful or make room for another service that's starting to grow.


@amolith Lately heard of GoAccess. Looks very nice but haven't tested it yet.

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