Also would be great to have some sort of debugging device 🤔 does anyone know of a small serial monitor that just connects to the FTDI "port"?

@tiefpunkt I use iohippo's ESProg, but it's out of stock unfortunately

would be great to make an open hardware alternative

@uint8_t thinking about prototyping something that might do the job. Basically just a microcontroller, some kind of display, and an FTDI with rxtx flipped (or I get into the business of making FTDI null modem cables but that sounds extra ridiculous)


@tiefpunkt @uint8_t how about an mcu with wifi or bluetooth instead of a display and using your phone as display. You could scroll back and forth and log to a file. Bt terminal on the phone, your nullftdiplug on some esp32.

@msei @tiefpunkt you just gave me an idea, I need to do some UART sniffing in a hard-to-access setting, and I have ESPs at home

@uint8_t @msei thinking about it, I might be able to just use a regular USB FTDI adapter with my android phone 🤔

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