Strangely (or not?), I somewhat identify with a lot of the experiences related in this AskMe e.g. "my family's attitude was that getting into a good college was the final result"

Just finished rewatching "The Usual Suspects". Definitely in my top 10 movies of all time...

Catching up on my Youtube subscriptions after a camping trip. Essentials: Neistat, Fung Bros, Cody's Lab, Stampy...

"Chamise chaparral is one of the hardest plant communities to get through when hiking off-trail." "Nearly pure (>80%) stands of chamise are impenetrable and are referred to as 'chamisal'."

The demo for these "Share to GnuSocial" buttons don't work for me to share on Mastodon (

A neutron walks into a bar and orders a beer. He asks the bartender how much. The bartender replies, 

"for you, no charge."

In response to my own question, here is a basic RSS-to-Mastodon Ruby program. Apparently it uses OAuth, but looks simple enough.

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How easy/difficult is it to make a bot for Mastodon? Twitter was relatively easy until OAuth.


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