Oh, nice.
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Upcoming Arcade Archives releases announced at TGS 2019 courtesy of Hamster. In The Hunt / Kaitei Daisensou (Irem, '93) and Detana!! Twinbee (Konami, '91) will both be receiving Switch and PS4 releases. twitter.com/EZ_takayoshi/statu

Is this a bug? @monsterhunter@twitter.com
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I don't get it.@monsterhunter@twitter.comDA9i6aslyQ

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In 2020, we will have the 3 main best looking fighting games ever on the market, developped by arcsys, published by 3 diff publishers...

Certain quests are as abandoned as they were in classic MH in Iceborne. I need a few Vanilla Anjanath materials. Not a single game open.

Real talk. Being forced to play Guiding Lands in endgame on a base ps4 is pure torture.

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When you celebrate Ninja Gaiden with anything, but Ninja Gaiden :(
Fighters, Momiji joins the roster of with new moves and new possibilities. Check out all the available game modes with her and to celebrate Ninja Gaiden's 15th Anniversary, make sure you grab your favorite transforming Ninja Costume for your fighter September 19th!

Yikes. What's next eating Doritos and smoking Marlboro?
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You will have Monster Energy in the private room. If used during the game, it will help your stamina!

so does this confirm there is no autumm fest?
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So... we didn't get any info on what's next... that's disappointing as the weapon designs. twitter.com/monsterhunter/stat

So... we didn't get any info on what's next... that's disappointing as the weapon designs.
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Hunters, here's a sneak peek of some of the free updates coming to Monster Hunter World: this year... Stay tuned! ❄️

Zinogre looks incredible, but not a fan you don't have to flip him over to catch the fulgur bugs anymore.

*places barrel bombs near Zinogre*
Alright lads, who's doing this?

Banbaro, noooo!

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