Quit vaping. Smoking is great. Brought to you by Philip Morris

After Xbone comes the Xbox Sex. that's how evolution works.

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Brace for impact as forces collide in “Chao In Space”! Don’t worry – you’re (probably) not dreaming.

It’s our little gift to you, and we hope you like it. Happy Holidays!

Yeah, not gonna watch the Sonic movie after hearing that they closed down the vfx studio working on it.

Nice, maybe he can finally make Ultimate Ghost n Goblins available again on the european playstation store he promised in 2012.
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Christian Svensson join Sony as the head of global portfolio

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The poster themself chose to mark that content as sensitive. This is common on the fediverse, and self-selecting. It allows the reader to choose whether they'd like to engage with the content, which promotes a more user-centric timeline. twitter.com/chrismessina/statu

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