the time has come... where is your support for stylish action?
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I just cast my VOTE for DEVIL MAY CRY 5 in PLAYER’S VOICE! Who will you vote for? @TheGameAwards

isn't this just taken from the Atomic Blonde OST?
holy shit this scored rendition of Blue Monday.

Wild that Sega has suddenly budget for new artwork and a pyhsical re-release of Vanquish.

I'll get the Bayo/Vanquish pack for the steelbook alone.

If you really think about it, it was Kazumi who invited Akuma into the world of Tekken.

Yes, paid. Open your wallet @Jawmuncher
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Place Your Bets: Will Reside@Jawmuncher@twitter.activitypub.actoremake have Regina's Dino Crisis Costume for Jill?

Really good news that M2 is going to bring Toaplan's catalog to a whole new audience. Legendary, but completly forgotten developer.

"RE6 is unrealistic"
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This year felt like I was having stuggles with art, maybe next year will be better (still doing arts now ofc, but the trend seems to be going on now and all, haha)

Plenty of bayo to go around

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