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Andrew Yang 2020? US presidential hopeful tells Verdict how he will save humans from automation

The second most important election of 2018 is this June in Maine - That’s when Maine voters will decide (again) on ranked-choice voting

Grundeinkommen in Großbritannien? Die ”Royal Society for the encouragement of the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce" (RSA) schlägt ein Grundeinkommen für alle Menschen unter 55 Jahren vor. Finanziert werden soll es durch einen Staatsfond nach norwegischem Vorbild

The Revolution Will Be Polled On Loomio: Online decision-making platform "Loomio" is becoming an essential tool in protest movements around the world.

Student Government Lotteries: Student Government Lotteries replace student elections, giving all students an equal chance to participate in student government and develop leadership and civic skills

Majority of basic income pilot sign-ups are working people - 70% of those signing up for Ontario's Basic Income pilot project are working people trying to make ends meet