re LB: transcription is

"While we're at it, there's no such thing as 'unskilled labor'. The concept does not exist. You cannot take a boardroom CEO and dump them at a dock and call them a longshoreman and expect them to perform flawlessly. It is a fake idea designed to depress your wages"

author is @AndriErlingsson - source instance (or network) unknown, so maybe birbsite?

@muehlfield The only difference is that with "unskilled" labour, when they realise you're new the other workers will sigh and teach you instead of immediately fucking you over for profit.

@muehlfield well I'd say it's a matter of the extent of learning... it's possible for a fast food worker to become proficient in his job in perhaps a week... Doctors take close to a decade to even beginning their job, so I'd say it's valid to differentiate between the two with labels like skilled and unskilled labor (although those names are certainly bad and misleading)

@muehlfield "Unskilled work" is a legal term (US). "Unskilled labor" is an insult.

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