climate collapse 

@muehlfield you think capitalism is cancer? just wait until Silicon Valley gang discovers geoengineering

climate collapse 

@uint8_t @muehlfield The term "Geoengineering" only became widely used *after* they discovered it.

Because otherwise it'd be called by it's proper name: Terraforming.

Making something like Terra – Earth.

But using this more honest term would mean acknowledging that we fucked our up planet so hard that it's become unrecognizable.

climate collapse 

@uint8_t @muehlfield

The problem is that we *need* terraforming tech for a realistic chance at combatting the climate collapse and it's not going to be a responsible, communally driven affair.

A few capitalists are going to optimize our atmosphere to *their* needs – not ours.

That's why I think we need to think about how to best do open, community-based terraforming now (or rather 5 years ago).

climate collapse 

@phryk problem is the moment we come up with a working solution (fertilizing oceans, stratospheric sulphur nanoparticles) and we manage to get the climate back in the nominal range, most incentive to stop burning fossil fuels will disappear, and we'll get more and more dependent on those terraforming technologies

so whoever is doing those gain a lot of power

if this is feasible at all, it must be done in an internationally coordinated manner, with heavier polluters paying more

climate collapse 

@uint8_t As an anarchist I'm not sure that's a solution I want to endorse, but I think we both agree that the people affected (i.e. everybody) must have a say in this, not just some rich old fucks who don't have to make do with the long-term effects anyways.

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