@muehlfield both tho. I mean, killing the CEOs doesn't immediately change our consumption habits, those aren't so much enforced by them as incentivized. But also liberals who won't consider the economic factor of the climate crisis are worse for the future of the planet than people who eat steak and/or fly on jet planes every day.

@muehlfield I really hate this meme. Because when you look at those companies, they are companies who draw their wealth from individuals saying "the corps should fix this".
People should fix this by taking action, and voting, AND changing. They can't just keep eating steak flying, and building concrete houses, and asking others to fix it. The fix will be to prevent those behaviours by banning oil, fodder-farming, and CO2 intensive building. Will they be ready? Willing? Able?

@muehlfield To be clear, I'd totally be with that commenter if the advice was something stupid like "remember to sort your plastic waste" or "always carpool", things that are symptoms of shittiness and impose a huge burden for minimal results. But eating less meat and not flying are the biggest two actionable things anyone can do. They're not small change or timewasting efforts.

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