The Red Panda (essentially canadian Batman): "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."
The Flying Squirrel: "In my experience it's the people who were born lucky who think that."
The Red Panda: "That's an interesting point."

The Red Panda Adventures E33 S3 Barton's Charm

In which a public safety inspector was given a magical charm that stole others' good luck, leaving chaos in his wake.

@alcinnz @muehlfield "Luck favors the prepared."

Indeed, if you don't "work hard" you're less likely to achieve "what you want". But, OTOH, those who've been born to wealthier and healthier families and societies aren't the ones to tell this to the rest.

Luck is not something one has control over, so explaining everything with luck is heavily demotivating. Nevertheless the "hard-working" rhetoric is disgusting.

@amiloradovsky @alcinnz @muehlfield
Working hard is neither necessary nor sufficient to obtain riches.

I can think of a great example and I'm sure you can too.

@mathew @alcinnz @muehlfield Yes, but "obtain riches" is too narrow, the proposition is more general, about achievements.
And yes, I can think of examples, though they shouldn't be the focus but the correlations and causalities.

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