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I'm server jumping. You can find my new account at @muppeth

just came back home after 14h spent in the office. very hard day considering i missed a weekend, but very worth it.

moved the server to lxc containers managed by ansible. plus deployed new OS on all office desktops in automated fashion with PXE net boot and auto deploy scripts. fucking awesome!

Hello world :) Just stood up a Mastodon instance for with a view to bridging between Mastodon & Matrix!

just spent 14 hours on migrating stuff at work from single host single partition , hosting a lot of stuff (mail, websites, ldap, kerberos, nfs etc), to nice lxc setup where each service has its own container, all managed by .
that was a long day. tomorrow desktop migration

never sleeps 😃

This week on Liberapay 184 donors transferred 318 euros to 88 creators. More stats:


Cette semaine sur Liberapay 184 donateurs ont transféré 318 euros à 88 créateurs. Plus de stats dans

Also, `prosodyctl cert import` is about to solve all Let's Encrypt integration problems!

So we have Mastodon to replace Twitter, should we finally all use Diaspora* in lieu of Facebook?

playing around with
Trying to find myself in the interface.

havent been around for a week or so. my tusky was refusing to work.

i must say, fucking busy in here....

We started only making sustainable T-shirts. Soon after we started thinking of other gadgets we could be producing and offering for sale. We recently added 3D-printed mobile/tablet stands and since we enjoyed the process so much we decided we should make more stuff. Now we are brainstorming ideas for other new products. We would like to hear what other gadgets YOU would like to see carrying the logos of your favorite projects.

For those of you who couldn't contribute to our campaign with credit card: we opened a web-shop for preorders. While we are waiting to get the contributions from Indiegogo, you can still place your order and pay with or bank transfer (EU only).
Preorders are open till May 7th!
Items will be shipped together with the Indiegogo campaign orders.

Anyone wants to get paid a buck to a text from to
Needs to be done today.

We’ve been working on new ideas for our everything-opensource , and ended up with a new object getting a perk of its own. Check the new mobile/tablet stand perk on our campaign.
Printed from recycled car dashboards filament, so by getting one not only you help projects but also clean up the planet a little.

PS. our campaign struggles a bit with visibility so please help spreading the word.

with ABS platsic requires extra care and attention. That's why here at R&D department of we've designed and crafted perfect tool to keep your print warm during the process. We consulted with NASA engineers and incorporated some of Cosmic technology into our design too.
Thermo Chamber 3000 is what you're looking for when printing with ABS plastics.
We'll ship it to everyone ordering gratis:

Ladies and Gents, We have it!

Thanks to our "Thermo Chamber 3000 (tm)", we managed to print stand from recycled dashboard filament, that meets our expectations.
Expect some exciting update later today.

Amusing. A D* dev wanted a "federation" forum and suggested Loomio for it. I responded with "why not use one of oyr federation platfoms tha thave forums and voting?" It all went downhill from there. You see D* didn't have these things, and never caught on that federation sort of means you need to use the other software and learn how it works.

Fun fact: the most serverload comes from the federated timeline. (Finally) good night partypeople.