What are the factors that affect service availability for #XMPP on a mobile device? Can a well-designed client solve them, or XEPs?
I was able to convince some people to switch from #WhatsApp to XMPP (with the #Conversations app) and they loved it, but complained that sometimes it wouldn't deliver messages, making them to switch back to whatsapp for "emergencies." This upsets me, but I wonder if there's any fix.
This is my understanding, which could be completely wrong: If $CLIENT does not continue running in the background (e.g., displays a notification icon when it is running), the OS may shut it down. Also, OS may shut off networking at times (but leave the OS vendor's and carrier's push services running).
@lnxw48a1 oh that makes a lot of sense: killing a connection that is not explicitly on reduces battery consumption, and that's why that XMPP Push notification XEP was developed!
I should recommend them a service that provides that XEP… but don't know any myself :P
@muppeth XEP 0357 if I'm not mistaken? But yes there is one, and I think some servers already implement is

@kzimmermann2 thanks. will have a look and add it if we dont have it yet.

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