We've started this project to create nice looking #swag to promote #FLOSS projects out there (even the smallest ones), and to share the profits form sold #merchandise with those projects. Some of you might remember us from last year's campaign where we crowdfunded and produced some #shirts. Due to other priorities and some complications, we had to suspend the project for some time, until today. During the last weeks we've been working on setting up our new web-shop and preparing for the re-launching of the project.

Especially for the re-launch all shirts are now 10% off! As always 50% of the profit will be shared with the projects each #t-shirt represent. Our shirts are made from #fair-trade #organic cotton where decent living wages are paid to the workers. Our designs are hand #silkscreen printed using water-based inks, giving the best quality, no peeling nor plastic feel.

Soon after the crowd-funding campaign we've realized that outsourcing the shirt printing process is very expensive when producing for such a niche market (unfortunately #FOSS folks ain't mainstream). Especially when we want to be able to produce small amounts for the tiniest projects out there. We are now able to use a small friendly silk screen print-shop which is great as long as it lasts - sadly, gentrification will soon force closure upon that location. Our goal and most desired situation is to run a small scale print-shop in our own home workshop. Therefor any initial profits from the relaunch will go into the equipment we need to become fully independent, allowing us utter freedom which is the fuel for real creativity.

We hope this time around we will manage to be more determent, more active and make the project a long lasting success with new (surprising) designs for more projects.


just came back home after 14h spent in the office. very hard day considering i missed a weekend, but very worth it.

moved the server to lxc containers managed by ansible. plus deployed new OS on all office desktops in automated fashion with PXE net boot and auto deploy scripts. fucking awesome!

Hello world :) Just stood up a Mastodon instance for Matrix.org with a view to bridging between Mastodon & Matrix!

@kzimmermann2 thanks. will have a look and add it if we dont have it yet.

@yellowfrog@social.weho.st tried it. looks good on the picture but in practice aint it. its still thunderbird 😑

@israuor was it escalated by author of the post? what happen next?

@matl @webmind you can run android remix and such dualbooting on basically any laptop.

@yellowfrog@social.weho.st wow that looks cool. will try it asap

just spent 14 hours on migrating stuff at work from single host single partition , hosting a lot of stuff (mail, websites, ldap, kerberos, nfs etc), to nice lxc setup where each service has its own container, all managed by .
that was a long day. tomorrow desktop migration

never sleeps 😃

This week on Liberapay 184 donors transferred 318 euros to 88 creators. More stats: liberapay.com/about/stats


Cette semaine sur Liberapay 184 donateurs ont transféré 318 euros à 88 créateurs. Plus de stats dans liberapay.com/about/stats

@forteller likei said before. i hope will actually ve more addopted. its developed in more open fashion, it has already great community and a lot of bridges to other networks, plus its federated protocol just like .

otherwise we also have with great conversations app for android and dino for desktop.

i think we had this conversation already 😃

@realitygaps i decided to go to work tomorrow. not only that i will be alone in the ofdice (paaaarty). i just came back from holidays yesterday so i can take that day later 😃

preparing for some server / desktops migration during the weekend, so its good to have empty office to test everything etc.

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