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Fun fact: the most serverload comes from the federated timeline. (Finally) good night partypeople.

Either everyone from moved to or it's always been so empty I just never realised.

Or my pod is broken. :yum:

"... the ability to locate AirPods using Find my iPhone..."
I chuckled.

So we put our prototype under the aceton steam bath for about 45 seconds. We got nice glossy finish but we are not happy with the result. The hole design looks melted and not as good as when it came right from the printer.
We’re now printing new one with some adjusted settings. Lets see how it comes out.

@maiyannah @sonya

I've always wondered why #OStatus didn't incorporate privacy settings into the standard itself. #Diaspora gets around the problem by encrypting private messages for given visibility scopes:

This is actually something that needs to be thought about if the OStatus part of the federation wants to connect with D*.

First with @Re_Filament made out of recycled car dashboards looks pretty cool, though still needs some tweaking. We'll see how the print will look like after aceton bath.

It's 01:30 in the morning.
and I'm writing an inventory management system.

For fun.

Because that's how I roll......

Starting the first test print with fillament made out of Recycled car dashboards. Very excited about the outsome.

I just backed this project to help create a business making #fairtrade t-shirts in support of Free and Open Source projects!

I'm looking forward to getting my #Inkscape t-shirt. Which one do you want? #Gimp, #Matrix, #VLC, #Nextcloud…?

Go support them, and please boost to spread the word! :smiley:

@rysiek so you left diaspora for mastodon?havent seen you on d* for a while

We got new ABS fillament by Refil, made from recycled car dashboards and will start printing some prototypes. Now we can make our printed gadgets -friendly too :)

Let's confuse things a bit - there is a thing called - it is a decentralized and modern alternative to whatsapp&co.


You folks choosed freedom for microblogging - let's continue with freedom in chatting.

Anyone from in here?

Since the exodus from twitter I suggest you guys look at project. IMO much much better and also federated. Check to choose pod (server) you want an account on, and give it a try.

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