Dear website designers,

I like to use the top of my screen as a placeholder so I know where I am in reading an article.

If you could please make a goddamn decision as to whether you want your header bar to be static at the top of the page, or follow me down as I scroll, that would be great. The header bars that hide when I scroll *slightly* down and reappear when I scroll *slightly* up are very annoying and don't help either of us.

I know what website I'm on. Wanna know how? The URL. Your brand does not need to be reinforced. Please stop.

Thank you,


@teslas_moustache Also, please keep the default browser behavior of having page up and page down scroll by exactly one screen height.
Not more, not less, not half a screen, simply one visible screen.

Yep, I also use the top and bottom of the viewport as an indicator for where I am in the text and I use the PgUp/PgDn keys to navigate through the text.

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