Can anyone explain to me how to deal with the clusterfuck that registrations seem to be?
Specifically on

I wanted quick access a few month back so I logged in using Github. Recently I tried again and that no longer worked.

Then I tried to sign up using the same email address that I had used on Github, Gitlab claimed that address was already in use.
Removing the association on the github side didn't change anything.
I tried password reset but never received an email.


@murks My experiences were smooth and comfortable both on and my own GitLab server - I guess this is a complication caused by involving GitHub auth in the process? :/

@Cheeseness Possibly.
I tried to register with a different address, which was in use also, but there the reset worked. I guess that was the actual address and the other one was registered because of that github connection.
Pretty confusing.

Anyway, it works now and I can file issues \o/

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