We were just discussing the battery charge indicator icon used in the SXMO status bar. It can be seen here

I do not know whether it is due to a bug or not but it is very hard to read, despite having 10 states. I tried to come up with an icon in pixel art that has just 5 states but is easier to read. I think I could even drop the charging indicator.

It's just a quick first draft but I hope it conveys the idea.

@murks this looks really simplistic and clean. I like how this looks.

@asleeponmykeyboard Thanks :]
Apparently it is not all that easy to make pixel fonts with FontForge but I found some sort of guide.

Now I just need to take the time and actually do it. Ideally I'd get these symbols integrated into the font that SXMO already uses, which is this one.

It will take me some time to figure these things out, my focus is currently elsewhere.

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