We were just discussing the battery charge indicator icon used in the SXMO status bar. It can be seen here git.sr.ht/~mil/sxmo-docs/tree/

I do not know whether it is due to a bug or not but it is very hard to read, despite having 10 states. I tried to come up with an icon in pixel art that has just 5 states but is easier to read. I think I could even drop the charging indicator.

It's just a quick first draft but I hope it conveys the idea.

It's been two months since I baked my last bread, just kept the sourdough alive (refreshed once).
Seems like I can still do it :]

I did my first babysteps using Blender, Level 1 of the Blender Beginner Tutorial here: youtube.com/watch?v=NyJWoyVx_X

I had massive problems navigating the 3D space in that program. I found one way that works for me when I am lost otherwise and it is called "walk navigation". That is essentially the same as in all those 3D first or third person games. You can activate it using SHIFT + `, that is shift and backtick.

Today for some drawing.
Julillu (twitch.tv/julillu_art) asked for people to draw a "Pfützenpferd" (puddle horse) in response to this tweet: twitter.com/pickinese/status/1

So here is my little contribution (animated GIF).

Last weekend I took part in another game jam and made a little local two player game. You can play it on a single keyboard or with keyboard and mouse.


I went for my traditional May 1. swim yesterday. Supposedly 12 °C water temperature but luckily rather warm air and sunshine.

Here is one nice image from the Geocaching hike today. Taken with the Pinephone. No post-processing other than rotation, unless I mistakenly did it in Darktable (which could happen easily, I still have a hard time understanding that program).

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I've taken part in another game jam and written a little visual novel of sorts. Still has a couple of small issues and I didn't manage to draw as much as I wanted to but I'm quite happy with it anyway.


OK, it was a mistake on my part. Image upload requires "Allow Data Access" aka. "Extract Canvas Data" in Firefox.

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Is it me or are the colours still way off?
Well, I guess Mastodon picture upload doesn't quite work either.

My first bread is done!
With sourdough from scratch, about a week old. All rye flour, a bit of salt, some cumin for taste and water. No pre-dough, no particular recipe, mostly by feel.

What went badly:
- dough was too wet to work
- a bit too much salt
- burnt myself
- destroyed oven light (don't spray water into it)

Overall it worked out well though, got a nice loaf of about 750 g, nice crust, tastes good, no big bread errors.

If you are Linux it would be nice if you could try to run this little game and tell me how well this way of distributing games works for you.

If it works well enough I will make all my other games available in this fashion.

All further info can be found here:

We had our third Winter game jam. This is the first one where I participated with a physical game. It is a relatively traditional board game. You can find it here:

First successful Enter the Gungeon run, yay!

I suck at twin stick shooters, totally not used to them and at first the game didn't grip me. However, I kept playing anyway, mostly because it's relatively easy to pick up for a couple minutes. So now, after "only" 92 runs I have beaten the five levels for the first time. There is still more to do, one part of the special bullet for the special gun is missing and so on. Still, I'm kinda proud.

Another awesome classic I can't get to run. It's a 16 bit game and winevdm just crashes.

Well, at least people are putting effort into the latest AAA games.

This is as far as I got with the DX2 game. The mouse doesn't move and it crashes after about a minute.

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