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It's faster, fresher, and easier to pull up termux on the phone and run curl to check the weather than it is to use the slow, overly bloated, spammy, and confusing weather apps.

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[LIVE] Saturday Night: I play „Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York“ now. Dare to join me?

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This years Adventure Jam started a couple hours ago and I joined again.

I will write a daily devlog, you can find it and eventually the game over there:

I just had an idea and I figured something like that must exist already. So here is what I want to do:
Listen to any "publicly available" music on the internet (e.g. on yt). Allow others to listen in sync with me.

I figure it shouldn't be too hard to do that in simple fashion. One of the biggest hurdles might be services like yt that don't simply provide you with an audio file. Such services might require youtube-dl or similar.

Does it exist?

I went for my traditional May 1. swim yesterday. Supposedly 12 °C water temperature but luckily rather warm air and sunshine.

Thanks everyone who joined onFOSS yesterday! We had a bunch of fun playing FOSS multiplayer games.

See you next time!

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Just a friendly reminder, the onFOSS online LAN with exclusively free software games takes places tomorrow.

All further information, schedule, games and so on can be found on:

See you there!

Commandline of the day (because I forget such things).
To compress a directory using zstd with specific options.

These options should result in a higher than default compression ratio.

tar -vcf - myDir/ | zstd -c -T0 --ultra -20 - -o myDir.tar.zst

Can anyone explain to me how to deal with the clusterfuck that registrations seem to be?
Specifically on

I wanted quick access a few month back so I logged in using Github. Recently I tried again and that no longer worked.

Then I tried to sign up using the same email address that I had used on Github, Gitlab claimed that address was already in use.
Removing the association on the github side didn't change anything.
I tried password reset but never received an email.


My contact list adventures have finally come to an end. I'll write the details up for a blog post.

I did end up with a VCF file from my old phone that I tried to convert to a TSV file as required by .

Today I wrote a little script to do the conversion. It would have been significantly faster for me to do the conversion and corrections manually but maybe this will help others.

You can find the script here:

onFOSS goes public!

Starting on Saturday the 17th the onFOSS LAN will take place.

The onFOSS is an online LAN party where exclusively Free and Open Source multiplayer games are played, hence the name.

You can find out more on the website:

Feel free to ask me if you want to know more (I'm not the organiser but I help out a little).

@milan Is the redirect for non-existent pages intentional the way it is? I just tried the nonexistent and stumbled upon this possible issue.

I think it's time for yet another Mastodon hiatus.

Around here it's better to not say anything if you don't agree. It's an agreement bubble.

And once again I say goodbye with Jonathan Pie.

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After clawiing our way up to "mostly positive" ranking on Steam with #TheAwayTeam's Lost Exodus update, we're back at "mixed" again. This hurt's the game's visibility to people who do appreciate it. If you enjoy the game, please consider leaving a review

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