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💥 Am 24.09. ist Globaler Klimastreik!

👉 Das kannst du tun, damit #AlleFürsKlima streiken:
1) die Info mit deinen Freund*innen teilen
2) den Profilbild-Rahmen verwenden
3) kostenlos Plakate & Aufkleber bestellen

...alle Infos gibt's unter 🥳

The guides I found were more complicated than necessary, so I made this easy guide to youtube-dl via a remote server.

Square bracket are used to indicate placeholders like so: replace [port] by 12345

1. Set up a SSH connection:
ssh -ND [1023 < port < 65536)] [user]@[host]
Ex.: ssh -ND 54321

2. youtube-dl --proxy "socks5://[port]" [url]
Ex.: youtube-dl --proxy "socks5://"

3. CTRL+C to tear down the SSH connection. Done.

I declare today to be World Repaste Day!

For the first time since I built this box 4 years ago I repasted it. Turns out I had used "a good amount" of thermal paste back when I built it, late night, under poor lighting conditions.

The hardest part was putting it all back together, especially mounting the CPU cooler with those weird mounting brackets.

So far it did not so I'm a little proud.

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Can someone recommend me an explanation of the Fediverse, preferably in German and made for non-technical instagram users? So I guess the focus would idealy be on Pixelfed.

We were just discussing the battery charge indicator icon used in the SXMO status bar. It can be seen here

I do not know whether it is due to a bug or not but it is very hard to read, despite having 10 states. I tried to come up with an icon in pixel art that has just 5 states but is easier to read. I think I could even drop the charging indicator.

It's just a quick first draft but I hope it conveys the idea.

covid conspiracy 

I happen to know someone who is always at the forefront of conspiracy theories.
The newest trend seems to be that COVID -19 is caused by graphite oxide. That is some sort of nanoparticles. And of course it is mixed in with the 5G Bill Gates theories.
I don't know how they arrived at this BS, may have some English language source. In German I only found some news from last year about a Covid test that uses that material, but I don't think that is in use even.

For reasons easy to imagine I have had a look at the greenpass QR-code and managed to reasonably decode the thing using common tools and a few Python modules. I figured it should be easy enough to roll that into a Python script.
Then I did a quick web search and found that someone (turns out a student and Linux user from Innsbruck) had already done that.

The reasoning given for the encoding seems weak to me though, seems very much written after the fact.

It's been two months since I baked my last bread, just kept the sourdough alive (refreshed once).
Seems like I can still do it :]

Today the GDDG, my more or less "local" Gamedev conference starts. All talks are livestreamed on Twitch.

You can find the schedule and everything else there:

See you there!

I did my first babysteps using Blender, Level 1 of the Blender Beginner Tutorial here:

I had massive problems navigating the 3D space in that program. I found one way that works for me when I am lost otherwise and it is called "walk navigation". That is essentially the same as in all those 3D first or third person games. You can activate it using SHIFT + `, that is shift and backtick.

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Die EU-Petition startet heute mit der #PaperBagSociety Challenge um auf die Gefahren von biometrischer Massenüberwachung wie Gesichtserkennung hinzuweisen. Macht mit & unterschreibt die Petition für eine EU ohne Gesichtserkennung!


Today, we launch the #PaperBagSociety challenge to raise awareness of the dangers of biometric mass surveillance and the need to #ReclaimYourFace.


Today for some drawing.
Julillu ( asked for people to draw a "Pfützenpferd" (puddle horse) in response to this tweet:

So here is my little contribution (animated GIF).

GDDG are taking place online again this year, this weekend, Friday (18th).

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Last weekend I took part in another game jam and made a little local two player game. You can play it on a single keyboard or with keyboard and mouse.

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Wow, also ist mir stellenweise mittlerweile echt zu schnell geworden ... aber vereinzelt konnte ich dort richtig schön einheizen und Spaß gemacht hat es trotzdem!

Go OpenSource!

P.S: Der Livestream zum startet gleich

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