Anyone here in the #berlin #gamedev scene? A good friend of mine is a Game Designer with 1 year of experience, how do you think his chances are of finding employment in his field in Berlin?
Please boost!

Does anyone else feel like

when you’ve ctrl-c’d something a little hard to get and you haven’t gotten back to the tab you meant to ctrl-V it into

Like you’re carrying around something fragile in your hand and if you forget you might drop it?

A new mathematical tool applied to brain connectivity by the Blue Brain Project scientists reveal high dimensional temporary structures that are constructed on the fly in response to stimuli. This discovery may help unravel the mysterious connection between brain structure and function.

Natural remedy: if you're feeling low on energy in the mornings, take down capitalism.

tfw you accidentally send an email to yourself and then get annoyed at how long it takes you to answer it.

Warum sind alle plötzlich zum Thema Kernreaktoren sprechen?

Jemand weiß?

People who ask you a question, making it look like they want your expert opinion, when they actually want you to do their f*ng job for them. 😡

Hello, tchncs! I'm Mux. I live in Berlin. I do Linux and music. Who are you?


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