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Is there an age limit for volunteering at nursing homes or could I just drop my grandma off there everyday?

I find myself using the scope resolution operator (double colon (::)) in normal writing more and more :: wonder what that says about me?

Had a really great first ride-along week

Training in a week and a half

Then hopefully "real" engagements

Due to growing numbers of mobile users services are becoming less accurate. via @webfactoryltd

Finally got around to setting up VPNs for myself

"You said that stew was vegan!"

"Well, he was wearing sandals. We figure that's close enough."

@djsundog @sydneyfalk "What do you mean it can't triangulate it's position? It's a simple function!"

"Do you know how to triangulate your position, Howard?"

When a zombie arm tells you to go north, you go north

"And so, poor Edward was fired. He was fired for expressing an idea. A disagreeable and incorrect idea, to be sure; but an idea nonetheless."

I think my projects are like a giant "connect the dots" puzzle

where I have a big box of numbers,
and a big box of dots,

and the only thing separating me from my goals is figuring out where to throw the numbers and the dots on the page to make a beautiful picture.


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