@n8zug hatte Mal n Mofa mit Diesel geh枚rt und gesehen. Krass. Aber das Ding macht Angst.

@n8zug @fitheach hahahaha it's the making a cup of tea at the end that puts me over the top :moomin_yay:

For me, the motorcycle sounding (and looking) just like a train is so cool.



<someone had to say it. I'm here all week>

@n8zug Obviously the next step is to change the heating to wood/charcoal and then you're carbon neutral ^^

@n8zug available as an Emacs major mode with <C-x-M-m-v-t-x-C-h-SPC-U-v-0>

@n8zug Video description: some crazy people have made a fully functioning steam-powered motorbike and demo starting and driving it, then steaming a mug of something using the steam exhaust at the end of the video.

dazu ein Flens馃槅
da werden "脰lfu脽" und "Pr盲si" vom MC Klappstuhl bla脽 vor Neid 馃ぃ

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