s parton skit is quoted in the british parliament in the debate...

i guess all of you already signed. if not: Petition · European Parliament: Stop the censorship-machinery! Save the Internet! · Change.org

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introducing MANSCULINITY


but for MEN

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Wieviele Fußballfelder sind eine Semesterwochenstunde?

found the perfect hashtag for doing something stupid that somebody else has done too

dresscode at shorts, tshirt with some nerd content. (optional) cap

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please make your music exactly 109 bpm so that I can walk in time to it

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Has anybody had a look at ? I got the strange feeling it is a scam combining and

I watched yesterday life of brain. I highly recommend that!

Has anyone a recommendation for a new mobile? Should be and not totally adverse to repairing efforts. My is dying.

Any opinions on teenage engineering op-1? Except for "it is way to expensive"?

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