I feel like we're in one of those moments where a bit less coding up new non-centralised services, and a bit more working out how people can discover and easily adopt existing ones might be good.

For instance, this weekend I did my occasional "oh maybe I don't need spotify with all this independent freely licensed music, and I could use the public library instead of buying every book I see on Amazon". And I remembered I hadn't been to worldcat.org and somafm.com for ages.

@mala re: using the public library, have you seen Library Extension? It's lovely, you get to see whether your local library has books directly on amazon pages

@nicoles yes! sad that it doesn't work on firefox though...

@mala @nicoles
Well… I may be oldschool, or a public librarian, but what about using your local library catalog then? Or even better: going to your local library to see by yourself, maybe ask a librarian, or something like that?

Do we really need an extension, to the Amazon website to check on our local library? Is that where the world has gone? 😦


@arcans @mala it’s so you have a reminder anytime you end up on amazon.

@nicoles @mala As a public librarian, I find it sad that some would need a reminder on Amazon that local public libraries still exist… 😦

@arcans @nicoles this is an interesting perspective! I'm sorry I don't have time to discuss it more with you right now, but maybe at a later date?

@mala Maybe! I am not someone to fllee if I see something about libraries popping in my timeline or my notifications! 😉

@arcans I think you might be looking for something deeper here than I'm trying to communicate. I'm just saying getting linked to books on amazon is common, and it's useful to have something show up reminding me to use my library instead. I am a regular library patron, but the internet doesn't link to the sf public library.

@nicoles Maybe I am. I am certainly allergic to Amazon, that is a fact. If I am linked to Amazon, I don’t even open the link, or I close it asap, even if it’s a book, and I will check online library catalogs instead.

But I find it sad anyway how a private corp. like Amazon. seems to have become some sort of almost mandatory step to look for stuff like books.

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