description: gate held closed by a padlock and heavy iron chain in which two links are held together only by a plastic ziptie

@nightowl ich hoffe, da erwartet niemand echte Sicherheit :mastojoy:

@BalooUriza @nightowl

Why do you say #Telegram has backdoor? Do you have any evidence? And please don't quote 2013 article/report where there was a vulnerability in their encryption protocol.

@nightowl The thing is, I think it's not even the weakest link in the chain as the lock is a MasterLock


@nightowl really clever picture and description to describe proprietary software's security. Thank you very much.

@nightowl @khaosgrille Perfektes Symbolbild. Wie und auf wen ist das lizensiert?

@reticuleena Ich würds auch gern verwenden. Vielleicht gibt es keine Antwort auf die Lizenzfrage, bei manchen reversen Bildersuchen knapp 500 Treffer, scheint sehr verbreitet. @nightowl @khaosgrille

@mupan @reticuleena @khaosgrille
Weiß nicht mehr, wo ich das herhab. Das Bild kursiert auf diversen Imageboards. Daher fällt es mir schwer, den Urheber auszumachen.
Eine Seite nennt als Quelle:

... ich würd's Nachstellen und slebst knipsen

@nightowl this is the shady #Autocrypt implementation to use clear Text for the first connect and not #E2EE 🤦‍♂️


@nightowl It's okay, I swea. We did a really good job hiding the zip tie!

@nightowl "Don't worry, only authorized personnel will be permitted to remove the zip tie. Also, they're obligated mount a new one once they've concluded their search. You're perfectly safe."

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