I ordered the new PinePhone Beta Edition. What would be the best OS for now? I'm not really sure how to install another OS on the device... Anyone can help me please with the first steps?

@nippon Installing a different OS is easy. I suggest writing another OS, like Manjaro ARM with Phosh onto a Micro-SD and put it in the slot just above the SIM card. The Pinephone will boot from it. I had Postmarket OS with Phosh on it, but there is no call support in the latest Beta. Manjaro ARM with Phosh (beta 7) works fine for me. Plasma Mobile tries more to look like Android, e.g., WLAN is activated by clicking on the icon in the status line and the characters typed are shown above them.

@nippon If satisfied with an OS, you can put it on the eMMC store via jumpdrive. You put Jumpdrive on the SD card and copy the OS over. Some OS images allow installation to eMMC directly. There is A Wiki page on, but the links might not work. But you get the idea which OS are available. And it's a lot.

@nippon My order was 2 weeks ago ☺ You find a bootable Lx Image, use edge or even dd to put it on a SD card. However using preinstalled manjaro is right for me. Later on I guess #postmarketos would be my favorite. It is one of a douzen other Lx' ses.
P.S cool astronout billboard against windows. I work for ArianeSpace.

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