denver was invented by john denver in 1805 when he decided "i wish there were a city that had legal weed" and made it himself

Trans-Atlantic? I didn't realise an ocean could be trans. Good for her!

Robb (MACHINE HEAD) und Jesse (KILLSWITCH ENGAGE) haben sich zusammengetan, um einen intensiven #BlackLivesMatter-Support-Track einzushouten:
Der Track zeigt zudem, wie geil es klingt, wenn man die Stärken beider Bands kombiniert.

@Juju No need for that, usually it's just very, VERY boring

Racism against Germans 😆
(I feel called out by the dancing. That's hitting too close to home.)

back in the 50s when data storage was less dense, one CD took up an entire room thats why they called it a CD-ROOM

Rassismus in Tech, rassistische Darstellung 

@fr___g @bithive Man sagt ja "don't judge a book by the cover" aber das ist wirkllich schon jenseits von grenzwertig 😡

@milan If you hurry for the moon, you will at least be late among the stars

@kattascha wie kann ein Salat Soul Food sein, wer sowas behauptet, hat keine Seele

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