What is the decentralized alternative to events (e.g. facebook events or meetup.com)? gettogether.community looks cool but still centralized.

Something something iCalendar / caldav?

@mmarif @raboof Yup, we have just released the 1st beta of #mobilizon : framablog.org/2019/10/15/mobil (with a demo instance).

It's still a work in progress we plan to integrate #activityPub federation by the end of the year, and a full v1 release during 1st semester 2020.

@Framasoft @mmarif @raboof @Framasoft @mmarif @raboof
It's interesting to see that a beta where all social share buttons lead to instead to , , , etc.
Will those networks be added when will be integrated?
and yes, there is unfortunately no federated version of ... for professional information.

@nurinoas @mmarif @raboof
Social share buttons to ActivityPub projects are not possible because this is missing : github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/ (and please don't ask me further explainations, I'm just tooting to help the devs, I'm not a dev 😉 - Pouhiou)

But yes, #ActivityPub integration will help with sharing events on those networks: see you in December to see how!


Thanks. The link back to is justa strange loop to sth. that the project aims to provide an alternative to.
Anyway, mastodon etc. have that can be explored at some point. Thanks to everyone for the good work!
@mmarif @raboof

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