@luka what tools do you recommend for musicians to jam or rehearse over a distance? On the proprietary side, someone mentioned to have low latency. But will or be an alternative?

@nurinoas @luka weil ich zufällig über deinen Beitrag gestolpert bin. Ich habe mal in einem Podcast gehört, dass ganz gut funktionieren soll.

@nurinoas @luka maybe mumble? its mostly used for gaming and such, but maybe its good for music as well.

@felix @nurinoas i don't think any general voip/streaming software is really suitable for jamin. There have been number of projects dedicated to remote music playing in last 20 years. Some of them do timeclock sync, and some of them low latency streaming... There was one called Ninjam?

@luka @felix @cybercow Thanks for all the replies.
But what if one needs also video? For providing feedback. Like for a lesson / masterclass set-up.
any software would do. maybe is really an option.

@luka @felix @cybercow The person I was talking to mentioned and this [DE] he wants to teach others over a distance.

@nurinoas Mumble is audio only. Fascinated to check out #Jaamr, anyone know what license #Wahjam is under?
@luka @felix @cybercow

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