@nurinoas As e.V. we are reporting annually (January). Yet our members get monthly reports into their Inbox as part of the monthly letter.

@codeberg wow, what a fast reply!
I am actually not interested in the values but rather if the current use (hosting, man-power) are running in a healthy balance with the donations & membership contributions. I am looking forward to a statement on this in the next updates: blog.codeberg.org/

@nurinoas currently 100% hosting+domains, all manpower contributed by volunteers

@codeberg Is my interpretation then correct that user contributions & membership fees are way too low for running the portal on sustainable manner?
Sourcehut seems to request a minimum contribution as a requirement for opening an account.

@nurinoas Absolutely not. Let's call it building the war chest for growth. This year we have been growing 15-20% (almost every month!)

Taking out the money for salaries feels wrong at the current scale. Contrary to commercially oriented startups, we optimize for efficient and responsible spending of contributions and donations, make the most of each $ spent.

And as for all non-profits, further improving funding will obviously enable opportunities, the wish list is long!

@nurinoas yes, sorry for hitting send too quickly. It would be bad style to comment here, we shall better refrain.

Sorry for confusion

@codeberg Here some reasons why I was asking about "sustainable operation":
"Unless Disroot becomes our main occupation, which in fact it already is as some of us spend more time working on it than on a dayjob, we need a bucket of ice and slow down a little."
"[...] schon seit längerer Zeit nicht mehr stemmen, und sehen sich gezwungen, das Engagement im Verein zu reduzieren."

@nurinoas that's a pity to hear (in both cases). Let's hope they both find a good solution and regulate their pace to manage progress.

You make an absolutely valid point, a great heads-up for all, both commercial and non-commercial dependencies. Of course, evert startup can go bust, and every volunteer-driven NGO can run out of time of their volunteers, a real problem for initiators and users in both cases.




For Codeberg, this is actually something we discussed early on, and decided to approach by optimizing everything for efficiency, in order to keep the risk surface low. Still, as everybody else, we need to stay vigilant and careful!

That said, every contribution, every supporter brings us closer to the goal to build a sustainable community!

@codeberg Thanks for your transparent responses. It's helpful to understand the concept & set-up. Have a good weekend!

All the best for with & & many more

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