As everyone experienced, this outgoing #2020 was a push to remote relations. We needed to rely phone, messages & telco & some social networks & some not very social networks (converting increasingly more into sales channels.

of |s an increasingly observed phenomenon.

is nice. I have many nice encounters, receive valuable input for my reflections & participated in interactions.

for all of this & especially the & ( @milan )


The challenge in these times of remote interaction is keeping up with the professional contacts.

I hope that keeping connected in #2021 will improve tremendously with better alternatives that keep me actually engaged.

Instead of endless scrolling & a stream of attention seeking plugs, I look forward to have quality correspondence.

I bet on the promising & improving tools to take off.

Will @flockingbird come off the ground?!

A win combined w/ @nextcloud

@nurinoas @flockingbird @nextcloud

Same here, I am not usually looking to just promote myself but looking for feedback and ideas to improve what I create.

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