What is the federated alternative to Linkedin?

@krock I don’t know but would also love to know the answer to this question!

@joshbdoc @krock @flockingbird wow this is pretty interesting! Thanks for the recommendation; just followed them and reading their blog now. :) left LinkedIn last year but would still like to have some kind of professional network without everything being catalogued by search engines and big corps - looks like Flockingbird might be the answer!

@thedeltaflyer @joshbdoc @flockingbird I will commit to setting up a server when this is ready. I am more of a back-end developer, and will help if I can. I would love to completely divorce MSFT. Speaking of CRM, Salesforce is pretty much owned by Google now.

@krock @thedeltaflyer @joshbdoc thanks! We're still working on proof of concepts and demo stuff. But the source is open, ideas are welcome, and critique too. Feel free to dive in and see if it makes any sense. Feel free to ask anything. (documtation is naturally lacking severely in this stage.)


@flockingbird @krock @thedeltaflyer @joshbdoc

BTW, did you publish a post on how this will be gonverned?
Like a foundation or council that handles development & contributions?
(speaking as a fan of the concept)

@nurinoas @krock @thedeltaflyer @joshbdoc

No we haven't. It's a hurdle we'll take if ever we arrive there.

'till then, its just another Open Source (MIT) project with a "benevolent dictator" (the sole dev, me) at the rudder. And two "anons" helping with the model, interviews, giving feedback and so on.

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