🙌 Thank you 🙌 to everyone contributing to a lively discussion just now on #ActivityPub for Administrations! And especially thank @redchrision for the clear presentation 👍

Important points were raised, on how to engage with citizens as an institution, what moderating capabilities the #fediverse offers, possible administrative limitations to self-hosting / moderating. The next webinar April 26th 10 am CEST delves deeper into ActivityPub with co-author @cwebber -> socialhub.activitypub.rocks/pu

@NGIZero @cwebber @redchrision
It was super inspiring. I can hardly wait for next Monday. Did anybody happen to save full chat content? I have but scraps, unfortunately.

@petros @NGIZero @cwebber @redchrision are you all fine if I upload the chatlogs to upload.disroot.org/

I could use DM or alike.

Please tell me as I do not want to violate anyone's privacy preferences

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