@nuron bei so etwas finde ich das Konzept von am besten. Es gibt eine Identität, die auf mehreren Instanzen gespiegelt wird. Fällt ein Dienst aus, kann man auf den anderen einfach weitermachen.

"Die Cloud" sollte so was können können.

D., der damit nicht brennen meint, sondern Redundanz; nicht in demselben Rack, aber auch nicht unbedingt gleich auf anderen Kontinenten.

@nuron If that's the actual OVH building going up, I have or had some stuff in there...

And yet this still makes me laugh.

I'm glad I often remind myself of the truly transient nature of digital data.

I guess it is SBG yeah.

I'm sorry that you've had stuff in there and probably lost it now. Hope you have done backups regularly?
Hopefully not in a datacenter next to this one? ^^

But hey... Your data is now stored in the cloud 😁

At least it's now in the one cloud I don't mind it being stored :)

@nuron We might get lucky as the data at risk was in SBG1 which was only one third ruined...
We shall see.

Backups were remote from the data center but not that up-to-date :/

Lesson learned

I keep my fingers crossed ;)

All of my servers create every night a complete backup.

So in the case the datacenter will be destroyed the latest backup should be not older then 24h.

I was a bit lazy and didn't set up proper automated backups.

It's my first experiments at remote sysadmin stuff.
Nothing "mission critical".

Having a more sensible backup setup would obviously be wise anyway.

A mildly intelligent cronjob should do the trick.

Trouble is I'm having to back up to a local encrypted disk that may not always be mounted.

And I had to script a way to use `borg backup` without leaving any keys on the remote server.

Anyway, too much info I'm sure...

Don't know how to do it with Borg, but I'm using restic.

I guess at least for restic there is no possibility to not save passphrases or keys on the server.

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