New Homescreen Setup.

Launcher: @Nova_Launcher
Icons: Aura, @One4Studio
Wallpaper: Unsplash
Widget: Desaturate kwgt

Wenn die Badewanne wackelt und diese eingemauert wird. Diese dann immer noch wackelt und mir gesagt wird, dass diese fixiert wird durch einen Silikonstreifen, der den Wannenrand mit den Fliesen darunter verbindet. Muss ich das so akzeptieren? Ich fühle mich verarscht. 🏡

Tell me about your day in less than 280 characters.

What I forgot though… The screed is poured too low everywhere. Our floor-level doors to the terrace, for example, now have a ledge of 1 cm. Perfect tripping hazard. But I’m used to the fact that nothing turns out as planned and promised. 🏡

Earlier first meeting with our floor layers who will do the parquet and vinyl. I must say: the first impression was very good! (Please do not disappoint me, guys!) 🏡

I’m trying to sort out house building and life. What tool do you use as a Kanban board? I have now set up a Trello account and like it. But maybe something else is better?

Intermediate status: House, only problems. Mom, ankle and shin broken. Me, stress level 5000.

I was at the zoo for 30 minutes today. I took 9 photos and these 3 of them are not even that bad. Or what do you think? 📷

Good morning?

I feel today as if someone had jackhammered my body and soul overnight.

Before I finally go to bed to forget this day, I’ll show you my endless (yesterday’s) creativity. 📷

Sleep tight!

Die wirksamste Tablette gegen Heuschnupfen ist..?

Lorano versagt bei mir aktuell. Gräser…

Sometimes when someone sends me photos that they’ve taken of my kids (for example), or any other shots and they’re totally proud of them, but I think to myself… geez! Something is cut off, the angle is a disaster, the focus may be wrong and so on. 😱

This morning at the breakfast table.

My big one:

My little sister always gets the bigger piece!


They are both the same size, I divided them exactly.



I change the plate, I say to her:

So, now you have the bigger piece.

She looks at it:

But now my little si...

Life is Strange: True Colors and Life is Strange Remastered Collection will also be released for the Nintendo Switch. Now I would rather buy them there than for the Playstation. The only question is: Will it look as good graphically? 🎮

Funny. Last week I bought Cyberpunk 2077 in Media Markt (a real disc!!), next week on 21.06.21 it will be released in the Playstation Store (digital) again. If I would have known this earlier…. I meanwhile prefer the digital edition. 🎮

The AWITW summer sales are here!
80% OFF on everything on my Bandcamp page, including on my complete discography, or 158 releases for around 7 euros.
You just have to enter the code: awitwsummer on the purchase link.

Highly recommended! 🎵

Child terribly sad, delivered to grandma instead of kindergarten. Off to the construction site. Settled things there, also unexpected things. Back home, 3 meetings. Straight back to the construction site. Tried to sort things out there, not enough time. Back home, next meeting in 5 minu...

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