You know when your phone falls and you want to catch it, but you accidentally give it more momentum? 🤦

Yay, Mortal Kombat is now available on iTunes!!!!

What? 20 Euro? Are you guys crazy???

Wait, who just clicked buy?


I’m waiting in the rain. 🎵 📷

Construction traffic light this afternoon. 😒

Anyway, I liked that view with the wet street.

Tomorrow someone is already coming to take over our apartment if necessary. That makes the whole subject of the house and the move a lot more real. 🏡

Earlier, at the meeting with the surveyor at the construction site: First of all, it sounded as if everything had to be redone in terms of concrete work. Good. House could fit (could!!!) but garage looks times not at all good. Let’s see what else comes out. 🏡

My ★★★★½ review of Boss Level (2021) on @letterboxd: 🍿

The most entertaining movie since time loops have been around.

The best actors are the ones where you don’t realize they’re playing you. Moreover, they do not practice the profession of an actor for money.

Those Who Wish Me Dead: The soundtrack by Bryan Tyler sounds great. And the movie looks really good, too. This is Angelina Jolie in the film adaptation to the great game Firewatch. Well, something like that. 😊 It’s going on my watchlist. 🎵 🍿

Yesterday I reactivated Hey Google, i.e. the Assistant on my Pixel 3 and have used it several times since then. Strange. For over two years, I thought: What nonsense. And now this…

Now that I’ve been rolled to death 4 times, I’m going to finish Resident Evil Village for today and go to bed.

First impression: Sometimes scary, sometimes overdone. Cool sayings from Ethan in between. Make him sympathetic. 🎮

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