I'm learning Scottish and oinline I use

- for learning the (in addition to the books I bought)

- as dictionary, general reference and sometimes for grammar

- (slightly coughing 😊 ) Google as translation service

Question to all the learners and speakers: which online resources (dictionaries, courses, translation sites, reference, ... ) do you use or would you recommend?


@pandora use as a primary dictionary online. It's more accurate, use learngaelic for the audio though!

I tend to back-translate what I write in Gàidhlig using Goog-Translate, to make sure it makes sense. The translation Eng-Gà is sometimes dodgy or uses grammar that's outside ones ability.

Akerbeltz and Gaelic grammar too:


Mòran taing, a Ruaraidh 🙏 !

Both the akerbeltz and gaelicgrammar link look very helpful. The akerbeltz table with the irregular verbs provides me with the overview I've missed so far.
I've never trusted the learngaelic dictionary completely anyway, so I'll use it in combination with faclair from now on.

@pandora akerbeltz is someone you'll see across social media sometimes, I'm unsure if they're on here butjcertainly other places. Their sheets help in my re-learning a lot!

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