Wow! That is big.

Seen to-day when doing the dogwalk at the Caledonian Canal.

The boat is called the Lord of the Glens.

#photo #photography #Highlands #Scotland

@fitheach that beast's been stuck in Inverness for so long now. Good to see it moving

It seemed to have a lot of passengers. The second top level is a restaurant, and was full of diners. They were all waving to me and the dog.


@fitheach @athairbirb

Lord of the Glens - Ship Specifications

Built: 1985 at Psarros Shipyard (Perama, Greece)
Last Refurbished: 2004
Former Names: Victoria II, Victoria
Guests: 48
Cabins: 26
Crew: 20
Tonnage (gross tons): 729
Length (feet): 151
Width (Beam) (feet): 33
Depth (Draft) (feet): N/A
Speed (knots): 18
Registry: United Kingdom
Elevator: No
Accessible Cabins: No

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