Pity! It's working not that bad in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Germany. The bottle and can deposit scheme here is definitely helping to keep our area, especially our promenade, river and river banks a lot cleaner.

Scotland’s bottle and can deposit scheme set to be delayed again

@pandora it amazes me that this isn' introduced. I saw it in Sweden and it worked really really well

@athairbirb @pandora
*Re-introduced*. Bottle deposit schemes were the norm in the 1970s, and earlier.

When a boy, my grandfather used to collect "soda" bottles. Once he collected sufficient bottles they could be used as a monetary equivalent to gain entry to the "pictures" (cinema). This was a common practice.

When we were kids in the 70s we had family over from US, one day we all went to Edinburgh Zoo. My brother, not interested in the animals, went round the bins collecting lemonade bottles for the deposit. He took them to a kiosk but the guy behind the counter refused to take them (there must have been at least a dozen). I still remember my Aunt from New Jersey berating him until he caved in and took the bottles.
@athairbirb @pandora

@Wizardofosmium @fitheach @pandora
That's essentially how I saw the system being used in Sweden, lots of kids would collect cans (predominantly cans if memory serves) and they'd wait until they had enough for sweeties or juice.

I used to make use of the glass bottle recycling Barr used to do. Buy 4 bottles, get one free and a penny. What a system.

Sweeties or juice? A double win for the government, as they could then collect on the "sugar tax".

I wasn't familiar with the Barr's system. Why a penny?

@Wizardofosmium @pandora

@fitheach just the bottles were 79p so after returning 4 bottles I'd have a balance of a penny.

@Wizardofosmium @pandora

Right, I wasn't aware of the pricing.

Interesting that the deposit has been set at ¼ of the total bottle price.

@Wizardofosmium @pandora

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