Bulldogs, cats, cockerels, iguanas, pythons, rabbits: why Britain’s beautiful lockdown pets are being abandoned

The animals that helped us humans through the pandemic are increasingly being dumped in the street or handed over to charities – and shelters are dealing with the fallout


@pandora a troubling read.

Too often I read of people buying young pups and not really knowing how to take care of them. The walking areas near here were festooned in poo from the new owners.

Shortly after, too many couldn't look after their young dogs as they were going back to work...like was expected at the start of lockdown.

The harshness and barbarity of the animals being casually discarded or left to die makes me quite sad.

Reminds me of 'A dog is for life, not just for Christmas'.


That's the reason I denied myself living with a dog since I work full-time. It wouldn't have been fair on the dogs to waste most of their life time just waiting for me to return home.

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